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Lajos Tantony's journal [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Captain Lajos Tantony

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We still exist!! [Dec. 26th, 2004|05:39 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |busybusy]

Beth has just found our PCs, which were buried under a heap of donated books we're going to take to Munz, and infinite amounts of not-yet-wrapped Hogswatch presents.

So we  are still alive and all. In case anybody wasn't too busy to even notice we weren't on the system for quite a while.

I'm almost too busy to notice whether the world still exists. And Beth insists on properly decking the halls in boughs of holly and whatnot. He is very diligent about it. When he isn't looking after kids for friends that are busy. He's set aside a corner in the first level of the cellar where he makes Hogswatch ornaments with all small comers.

My Little Lady made a rather spectacular Hogfather figure that is quite green all over. And her little brother giggles madly when Beth speaks Morporkian to him instead of Überwaldean.

Life is good.
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(no subject) [Dec. 2nd, 2004|07:07 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
We're not going to keep out guests long, it seems.

Otto has finally mentioned what's been worrying and keeping him here: apparently, the werewolves threatened him in case he tried to leave with the material he collected on him. Her Ladyship won't be pleased at all to hear that, so we've sent him off advised him to talk to her. She is going to come down on the Baroness again, I suppose. Somehow, I suspect she enjoys cowing the werewolves.

Also, Beth and I have offered to come with them all the way to Lancre; from that point on, they'll be well and truly out of the reach of the werewolves. The brancher pack near Copperhead won't be much of a trouble. Also, they're not on the same side as ours, and it's ours who are the problem. Again.

Beth says he might talk to King Verence and his Queen about the portrait to be commissioned, if he's there anyway. At the moment, though, he's still very much enjoying the company of quarrelsome and argumentative Mr Fizz who managed to get tongues in Bonk nicely wagging when he was left to his own devices yesterday. Also, he appears to be very uncomfortable to be sitting with us around the table and just casually talking over wine; when I quietly asked him, he denied it. I suspect, though, that being with two happily affectionate male/male couples is what makes him so antsy; he likes girls. And neither Beth nor I, nor William and Otto, see a point in not touching in the warm safety and privacy of Beth's own house, just because someone who knows anyway isn't entirely comfortable in actually seeing us touch hands or smile into our lover's eyes. Bad luck for Mr Fizz.
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(no subject) [Nov. 30th, 2004|11:10 pm]
Captain Lajos Tantony
Today, there was a spot of bother in town; the very respected Master Builder who'd done both Beth's roofs and the Watch House roof was observed wandering about dead drunk. Apparently, he even managed to drink and puke at the same time; circular drinking, you might call it. We kept getting messages, but whenever we arrived where he'd been spotted, he was gone. Also, there was his wife following him about, imploring people not to call the Watch as it was so embarrassing. In the end, I simply grabbed me the head of the fellow's journeymen who knows his Master's ways, and we went where he was to be expected next on the slow circle he was making along the pubs of Bonk (not even exempting the "Tabula Rasa"!), and caught him, and took him to the Watch House. Turns out he'd discovered that his wife was cheating on him. He howled that out so loudly, all the other prisoners heard, so all of Bonk knows now. But we had to catch him and keep him, poor fellow - he'd have frozen to death otherwise. Tough luck for all concerned.

Otherwise, the werewolves are hung over; the time of the full moon is finally over, without any occurences this time apart from Beth worrying himself senseless if I was anywhere where he couldn't grab me within a moments notice. That vampire is a tad overprotective. Also, very, very endearing so I couldn't really hold it against him long.

Also, there is more company in the house again. William and Otto are still very busy in private with their work, but then there is Mr. Fizz, who is a remarkable individual. He is very loud, extremely colourful, terribly harsh in his judgement, and argumentative for argument's sake. Beth enjoyed his company a lot today and has painted him as a parrot. A parrot annyoing a cat, in fact.

Tomorrow, however, Beth goes to Munz to be a part-time elementary school art teacher, which of course is about the most heartwarming thing I can imagine. That soppy vampire, really! I love him to bits - how could I ever think he was just a pleasant distraction? Was I mad? In any case, that means Mr Fizz will be left to his own devices and might wander around Bonk. I look forward to seeing how both sides survive the experience.

Mind you, Mr Fizz is extremely entertaining...
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Book drive [Nov. 28th, 2004|01:16 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |accomplishedaccomplished]
[Background noise |The werewolves going "Aaaaaah-hoooOOOOO" in the hills]

The kick-off for the book drive was a great success; there were even a few musicians playing in the Rathaus hall off the room where the exhibition was. Everybody loved the large picture the school children had drawn of their home town - Beth has done a very good job with them. He loved doing that so much, he announced he's going back every week for teaching art classes now. Heh! Beth as elementary school art teacher - funnily, I can imagine that very well. Perks and I had speculated jokingly about it, and now he's really going to do it.

Beth had put his foot down that there should be no catering at the opening; he said he found food at an event to help kids that didn't get enough to eat at home rather inappropriate in a squicky way. So there was just tea for the grown-ups, provided by the League members (to all of whom Beth was exquisitely friendly in an only very slightly condescending manner), and apple juice from Red Bear House for the children. The books have started rolling in very nicely.

Somebody had smuggled in a few plates of biscuits, but Beth generously refrained from taking umbrage. Oh no, he was nice to everybody and had taken the pains of wearing clothes that were the same sort of black everywhere, and clean shoes. And he'd made me brush his hair dry in front of my fireplace last night; it still shone brightly golden. I've never seen my scruffy Beth look so well-kept and pretty.

Her Ladyship made a splendid speech, and the Burgomaster was gently clapped into silence after five minutes of aimless platitudes. All was very civilised and serious in a festive and positive way. Remarkable how easily everybody accepts Beth; there were people who came up to him and suggested other projects, even. He's part of Bonk now, effortlessly and matter-of-factly.
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(no subject) [Nov. 26th, 2004|08:18 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |boredbored]
[Background noise |werewolves howling in the woods]

I haven't been poking around on the PC system for a long time. At least not idly and with an open mind to discovering things. But I'm at Escrow, and waiting for someone to knock and tell me we're going; I'm not hurrying them up, poor fellows, they must be terribly hung over. The beer in Escrow is very good, and the wine is not bad at all.

So it's easy to imagine how I laughed when I discovered this new little PC oracle, and what it told me:

wine is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

I protest that I am not a drunkard or anything, though.
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Plans [Nov. 22nd, 2004|08:43 pm]
Captain Lajos Tantony
Anybody need anything from Escrow? Because that's where I am going tomorrow or the day afterwards. Sergeant Featherstone has just brought back a scruffy, smelly fellow who was stealing Chirm sprouts (imagine that: stealing! Chirm! sprouts!!), and it turns out he's actually somebody about whom the commander of the Escrow Watch clacksed me a few days ago. So I am going to take him over there, and return the next day. This week is going to be the full moon again (so soon already??), and I'm not travelling after nightfall.

Beth is a bit miffed worried about me going, but it is my job, after all. And I am certainly neither going alone nor doing anything dangerous. And he's got Otto for company, and can go to the Castle to see her Ladyship and Perks if he still gets bored.
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Life is busy [Nov. 20th, 2004|04:39 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
Beth came home today from having had to wait in some sort of pub for a few hours, and declared that our life is far too hectic at the moment, and we both urgently need some time dedicated to rest and relaxation. He's right, of course, but the bad thing is, we don't have time because it's all too hectic!

This weekend we're going to Borogravia to help renovate the Omnian mission, and paint a blackboard. And organise the Book Drive. Which is going to kick off next weekend and last for all of Hogswatch time.

In addition, there's the full moon near the end of next week, which will mean that the werewolves will make nuisances out of themselves again from roughly next Tuesday onwards, all the way through to the weekend. It wouldn't be a good idea to be less than around and alert then.

Which reminds me.

King Verence, is that werewolf pack still around in the hubwards part of your forest? Expect increased activity next week, especially near the end, because it's the full moon, which is the time when werewolves are most wolf-like and dangerous. Excuse me for being trite and obvious, sir, but you said you didn't have them in Lancre before, so Sergeant Angua and I thought it would be sensible to warn you.
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Achievements! [Nov. 12th, 2004|12:06 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |accomplishedaccomplished]

We haved achieved dining tables! Long, narrow dining tables to stand along the wall and take the food at the housewarming and picture-hanging party on Octeday! In the end, Angua, Igor, Igorina and Raimon helped Beth and me. Thanks, everybody! And special thanks to her Ladyship, who inflicted the blasted infernal things on us lent us the tables. Once we had the metal crosses that stabilise the legs underneath the tabletop, it was almost really easy to assemble them.

Also, we have achieved domesticity and a really comfy kitchen. When I just came home from having my horses shoed for the winter, there were posters on the wall, held by an ingenious system of two narrow wooden battens clamped on at the top and bottom that one of my friends from Red Bear House had devised to hang their schedules and maps with. Posters of Beth's paintings, iconographed by Otto and printed by the Dwarves at the "Times" press. Around the kitchen table sat said friend, Dasha with her cubs, my sister Ilona with her son, Raimon, and Beth, who had made coffee for everybody, and were disjointedly discussing exceedingly bizarre topics. I just got myself a cup of coffee, looked from one to the other while they talked and seemed to make sense to each other, and was suddenly inanely happy content.

Angua and Otto came in later; apparently, there had been a message from Mikhail's and Sergei's new branch-off pack, demanding to be heard as well. Otto and Angua weren't quite decided yet whether Otto and Munya should in fact go to see them, and whether Angua should go with them. Angua seems to regard Otto as dangerously mad, in any case; but then, the Ankh-Morpork City Watch has a somewhat uneasy relationship with the "Times" and the other newspapers, anyway.

Everybody agreed that werewolves were not really to be trusted while there were, at the same time, two of them sitting at the table, having coffee, and agreeing while three more (admittedly young, and really two yennorks and a wolfman, and we know what wonderful creatures those can be, from Lupine) were playing tag on the kitchen floor with Palko, my sister's son. Or rather, Palko was trying to teach them, but they didn't quite get it yet. Ana broke a saucer, but it was only one from the bric-a-brac china with the little blue violets painted on my mother had given me as an afterthought, apparently glad to have it out of her attics.

Also, I have achieved freshly shoed horses with snow grips under the shoes which will keep the snow from packing in hard into the hoof, and somwhat bigger studs on the shoes themselves. The last few days, I was a bit careful where I went on my horses, because of all this snow. Also, Beth is considering whether he should have his own horse.
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(no subject) [Nov. 7th, 2004|08:16 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |contentcontent]
[Background noise |Beth and Raimon discussing something in Sacramantan - I MUST learn that language!]

By now, things are getting back to normal. I believe I haven't had my life threatened once for at least a whole week. Amazing!

Normality has returned to my work life as well. Somebody has smashed all the remaining pumpkins Farmer Brokemeier has put out to sell themselves, as people are so honest here and yadda yadda. Just like the potato bins. However, someone has taken a blunt instrument to all those pumpkins, and now they're all just frozen goo on the corner of Monument Square. It was humans, though. Beth came to check, and he didn't sense any "werewolfity", as he put it. (It was actually funnier in Überwaldean.) I mustn't fall into the habit of asking him to come and sense things on site; what kind of police work would that be that calls in external experts that have methods of finding out things that nobody else can follow except me if he links me in, but That's not good enough for Sergeant Featherstone!

Living with Beth in Beth's house hasn't become quite "normal" yet; there is still the intense pleasure of trying out new things and finding routines and deciding who likes to sit where and where to best keep the corkscrew, and teaching Beth some housework as Igorina can't always be there. With this sudden and early outbreak of winter, she'd had to help people with frozen noses or fingers a few times already. Hmmm. Considering she helped that fellow whose wang had frozen fast to the privy who had become stuck by frost in the outhouse last winter, it seems she is something of an expert for winter-related injuries. And that is much more important than the washing up, so my dear Mr Toothyface a certain vampire will have to learn how to do the dishes and scrub the pots, too.

But this sounds as if I was complaining! I'm not! In fact, I think that living here, with my Beth always there, an Igorina to take care of all the banal work and a kitchen where I can cook when I feel like it, with a large dining table and some guests around it, I am happier more comfortable than I have ever been before.

And now, Otto is here as well, so an iconographic workshop will be set up temporarily alongside Beth's studio in the cellar, and cocoa will be made on the range. Guests are one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a home of one's own, I find.
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I am sick and tired of werewolves!! [Nov. 3rd, 2004|05:14 am]
Captain Lajos Tantony
[Right now, I am |anxiousanxious]

Beth wanted to show our visitor Raimon the chapel in the woods where he had been living, so after going to her Ladyship's castle to see everyone and plot some policy, we went over to show him.

And found it broken into. The chapel door was hanging dramatically in its hinges, as is mandatory in such cases. Inside, it was despoiled, soiled, and even fouled. There were long claw marks in the rather freshly plastered walls, leaves and snow blown in, some very revolting stuff, and a dead hedgehog, bitten to a pulp.

Beth cursed horribly; really, every second word was "bloody", which is much worse an invective to a vampire, even an unreformed one like my dear Beth really isn't any more. He was so livid at the idea of him putting in all those hours of work with cement and plaster and whatnot, even if he doesn't live there any more; he was thinking of parties and exhibitions there in the summer. And now it's all ruined, full of claw marks and aggravated dog poo and yuck.

It must have happened a few days ago; none of the traces or the impressions Beth got were fresh. Of course it was werewolves; who else would go and repeatedly bite a hedgehog repeatedly just to show how macho they are? And of course my dear soppy Mr Toothyface cried over the poor little dead hedgehog, sobbing on my shoulder for a bit before he rallied and went on cursing: "...they bloody go and bloody bite a bloody hedgehog so every-bloody-body can see they don't bloody mind a mouthful of bloody needles!" Seems sometimes even a hedgehg can be bothered at all, unfortunately.

On the good side: the roof is finished! Due to the nice sunny weather today, the master builder came with all his journeymen and apprentices, shook the snow off the tarpaulin and the roof, and finished it all in one fell swoop! We are now home dry, literally.
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